Help build their education.

Help us educate these children in rural Kenya today. 

This class will graduate in 2021 from Star of Hope Centre Primary School in Chebukuyi, Kenya and need our help to carry on with their schooling.  Stella's Stars High School is being built so all local students may continue their education beyond 8th grade.  100% of your gift is used towards our mission!

We believe that building and maintaining a High School so the recent graduates of Star of Hope Centre may continue their education or access vocational training is a great start to making our mission a reality.


Watch a video, follow updates, view photos.  Check out the build status  of Stella Blue High School Campus!

Give today!  All of the money that we collect is donated directly to our mission.  We donate our time so these kids get a shot at High School. Please join us.


Stay informed about what's happening with the build, the students and our man on the ground, Leonard.

Or send a note to Chebukuyi!


Leonard has worked with Star of Hope Centre for years and is now excited to take the graduates to the next level in their education.  He explains why.