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Welcome to  the world Stella Blue High School Campus!
What's happening now? 

Our campus is built, 61 students are gaining an education and vocational skills,

our staff is teaching and our medical clinic is healing.

Give the gift of education, training, and hope for a rural community in Kenya.

With help from our donors, Stella Blue High School provides a safe local campus, uniforms, books and supplies, a secondary education and vocational training to students in rural Kenya. 

Many of our students live at and attended Star of Hope Centre (SOH) Primary School. We are building on that amazing foundation to allow them and others to continue their education into High School and vocational training. 

 100% of your gift is used towards our mission.

Technical Vocational Educational Training (TVET)

With our sewing, agriculture, and now carpentry classes underway, we are proud to provide students with skills to complement their secondary education. Learn more >>>

The carpentry crate arrived!
Thanks to the generosity of one of our donors the students received a crate of carpentry tools.
Watch the big reveal in this one minute video.

Spread the word - share this video on YouTube with your friends
and help us reach more people to become star donors. 💖🤩

Congratulations class of 2023! 

Leonard asked our first graduates to share their thoughts with us... use the arrows to meet them all.

Watch our mini-documentary to learn: 

  • what we're doing

  • who we're educating

  • why we're helping

"2023 was a tremendous year of great achievement.
It was a year that has given us a vision of where we are headed."
— Leonard Muyelele, Director at Stella Blue High School and Star of Hope Centre, Dec. 2023

We believe that building and maintaining a High School so the recent graduates of Star of Hope Centre may continue their education or access vocational training is a great start to making our mission a reality.

Leonard has worked with Star of Hope Centre for years and is now excited to take the graduates to the next level in their education.  


All the money we collect is donated directly to our mission.  We donate our time so these kids can attend High School. Please join us.


Stay informed about the build, students, and staff. We'll also tell you about opportunities to help with our fundraising campaigns.   


We'll keep you up to date on how your gifts are being used. Watch a video and view photos to stay informed.

“It feels good to be able to do so much for so little monetarily. All children need access to schooling, a safe space to learn and a place to be together and belong."

A special 
to our monthly

— Stella's Stars monthly donor, 2022

Thanks to our donors, these students are getting a high school education in rural Kenya near their homes.

Photo Credit: Nora Percival, from Kenya Health Education Ministry

Nora Percival, from Kenya Health Education Ministry has visited Star of Hope and the Stella Blue campus several times and she's always happy to share photos.

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