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Our newlsetter will reach your inbox with loads of updates and information about what's happening on the ground in Kenya.  Leonard keeps us informed with the build, the staff and the students.  


A letter from Amber, our treasurer 

"Spring is upon us and, I'm excited to connect with you as the Treasurer of Stella’s Stars. I've been diving deep into our financials, having heart-to-hearts with Leonard about the changing needs of our school, and crunching numbers to build our budget for the year ahead."

Learn about the lemonade!

When life tossed us some lemons this year, we turned it into an opportunity. 

We launched TVET!

Thanks to a generous donation from LCM Builders as well as another grant from Roseville Rotary in partnership with SOH, we are excited to announce that we have officially launched the Technical Vocational Educational Training Program (TVET Program).

Leonard writes:
"We are very grateful to have received carpentry tools shipped to us a couple of weeks ago. We got a chance to go through how they operate with Hans this last Friday morning. Earlier this year we received additional sewing machines to bolster our pursuit for the implementation of the Technical and Vocational Training programs. We have 5 kids from the 2023 high school cohort who will be joining us for the pioneer TVET programs."


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