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Our newlsetter will reach your inbox with loads of updates and information about what's happening on the ground in Kenya.  Leonard keeps us informed with the build, the staff and the students.  


Times like these... 

"I cling to kindness and goodness and love in every place I find it. It is there, I know it is, because YOU are it. Your contributions do something good in this crazy, hard world."

Flaming fundraiser
We are throwing a dance party with the Beatles cover band, The Flaming Pies. 


ConGRADulate Miriam!

Miriam, a class of 2023 graduate, has been with the Star of Hope Children's Centre her whole life...

Leonard returns from Seattle
"In early August, we had a marvelous visit with Leonard." Everyone enjoyed getting to know Leonard better and learning more about our shared vision.

Leonard writes:
"We appreciate your support as always - it enables us to put a smile on all of the kids and greatly impacts on our community!"


Read the rest of the Leonard's letter.

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This is where you can read our past newsletters. 


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