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Skills Training (TVET)

Helping our stars fly towards their dreams


Technical Vocational Educational Training (TVET)

WE LAUNCHED IN 2024! We have been working toward this goal from the start because we know that higher education is not a goal every student will have. Offering vocational training ensures that students have attainable options for career development immediately and in jobs that are in demand in their larger community.

Your donation also goes towards increased security as our school's assets increase. 


We are grateful to have received a gift from Roseville Rotary in partnership with Star of Hope for students of both schools.

Watch the students in class!


Thanks to a generous donation from LCM Builders and others, we are excited to get our carpentry courses underway. Leonard and the team are working with industry professionals to skill up our students.

There was so much joy when the crate of tools arrived!

  • Watch the video here for a short taste. (View full screen)

  • Watch and share the 1 minute video we made of the crate-arrival event!

Agriculture / Farming

One of the primary industries available to our students locally is farming. Those students that are not born into families that can provide agricultural skills are at a disadvantage.


We're giving our students a chance to grow. 

Watch the students learning about plant pests in their own vegetable patch.


Using a single computer, interested students are starting their journey into computer programming and technical support. We plan to purchase an additional three computers this quarter. This is an area we are looking to grow with a donation of additional computers. Please contact us if you are able to support, or point us to an organisation that could donate secure cabinets, laptops and/or computers.

What's next? 

We hope to expand the program to include Masonry, Welding & Fabrication, Catering & Food Production and Hair Dressing. We are looking for industry professionals to support these initiatives. Please be in touch if you can offer materials or financial support. 

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