Our board is committed to using 100% of the gifts 
towards our mission.

The only salary we pay is to school staff.

These stars need our help
to go to school. 
Please donate today.


Our costs are ongoing, consider making your gift recurring.


Current campaign goal – $10,000 to complete the classroom build.  Donations are being matched by our generous donor at LCM Builders.  

Examples of how far your gift goes!

Stella’s Star: One-Time Custom Donation

  • $25 for 25 bricks

  • $50 per desk

  • $150 Books, uniforms, and supplies

  • $1,250 Building materials for one classroom


Super Star:  $15 Monthly

  • 1 week of school meals for 1 student 

  • or, personal hygiene and cleaning supplies


Special Star: $50 Monthly 

  • Supplies for science lab

  • or, stipend for 1 vocational instructor


Adopt-A-Teacher: $200 Monthly

  • Salary for one teacher monthly

  • and, supplies for their classroom for the month


Adopt-A-Student: $600 Annually (or $50/month)

  • Fully supports one student for a whole year​


Building Buddy: $1,500 Annually

  • Build and/or maintain buildings


Galaxy and Beyond: Recurring Custom Donation

  • Annual teacher's salary ($2K)

  • Equipment for vocational programs ($3K)

  • Entire block of three classrooms ($5K)

Last year's graduates from Star of Hope Children's Centre are being supported by generous donors for High School this year.  When our school is complete they will be able to eliminate the 4 hour round trip to school and attend Stella's Stars HS tuition-free. 

Stella's Stars is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes. Our EIN is 86-1894293