These primary school Stars were the first to start at Stella Blue High School. 
And these are the recent graduates:
Stella Blue High School Campus Build Status

April-May 2022

  • New resident nurse begins

  • Campus opens! Students take classes in their new building.

  • Academic school year is underway for years 9, 10, and 11. 

January–March 2022

  • Electricity: cables and fittings

  • Debris clearance

  • Inspections to prepare for classes


July-December 2021 

  • The walls and roof slab is complete for  classrooms 1-3

  • School started in temporary classrooms

December 2020–May 2021

  • Completed foundation

  • Piped water!  Just the 2nd instance in the village. 

  • Foundation and walls commenced.

  • We officially leased the land with a single payment for long-term use.

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"We are doing two things - building a high school AND educating children who otherwise would not be getting an education." 

--Selah Brown, Board Chair

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Educating children

Donations we receive go directly to these specific goals for 2022:

​> Purchase furniture and equipment for 2-3 new classrooms 

> Provide uniforms, books, and supplies for the new 9th graders

> Repair/replace uniforms; provide new books and supplies for 10th graders

> Provide salaries for 6 full-time teachers 

> Provide science lab equipment

> Provide for a full-time nurse and medical supplies for Stella Blue & SOH students

> Complete the second floor of the High School campus


A special thank you to the donors that helped us achieve these goals in 2020/1

​> Purchase furniture and equipment for all 3 classrooms

> Provide new uniforms for the new 9th & 10th graders

> Provide salaries for 3 full-time teachers from July through December 2021

> Planning for Phase Two – 2 more classrooms and a multi-purpose room

> 3 Classrooms, roof slab, electrics completed for Stella Blue campus

- Leonard, Director of Stella's Stars, 2021
“We have a young vibrant staff. They have been mostly in good health and working with enthusiasm.” 

Watch the 3.10m video to see how our story has unfolded so far.

Our photo gallery will grow...
As buildings are built...
And memories are made...
And children are educated...
And people thrive...
We'll capture and share it with you