The students show pride in their uniforms as they continue to study in their temporary classrooms. In early May they helped bring desks into the new Stella Blue Campus – we're nearly ready to open! 

Give the gift of education and hope for a rural community in Kenya.

With help from our donors, Stella Blue High School provides a safe campus, uniforms, and a secondary education to students in rural Kenya. Our first class have nearly completed their first year, and we are preparing to welcome the class of 2025!

Many of our students live at and attended Star of Hope Centre (SOH) Primary School. We are building on that amazing foundation to allow them and others to gain a secondary education. 

 100% of your gift is used towards our mission.


Winners Announced

We believe that building and maintaining a High School so the recent graduates of Star of Hope Centre may continue their education or access vocational training is a great start to making our mission a reality.

Leonard has worked with Star of Hope Centre for years and is now excited to take the graduates to the next level in their education.  


All the money we collect is donated directly to our mission.  We donate our time so these kids can attend High School. Please join us.

Stay informed about the build, students, and staff. We'll also tell you about opportunities to help with our fundraising campaigns.   

We'll keep you up to date on how your gifts are being used. Watch a video and view photos to stay informed.

“The kids have been upbeat in terms of learning. Many of them, especially in Grade 10, are well adjusted from the previous schools they attended and enjoy having a much closer campus...The staff have remained upbeat and focused. We are so happy to have them!"

A special 
to our monthly

- Leonard, Director of Stella's Stars, 2021

These students are giving their new campus classroom a trial run as they keep up with their studies.

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Congratulations to our winners!

  • Benjamin Miller: Basket of delicious treats

    • gifted by Lissa in Montana

  • Doug Lockwood: Luscious selection of skin care products

    • gifted by Stacya Silverman & Assoc.

  • Michael Purcell: Handmade set of placemats of your choice

    • designed with old LP covers

    • gifted by John Carroll

  • Shelly Newcomer: Bottle of wine and snacks

    • gifted by the Stella's Stars Board of Directors

Monthly donors help us provide a living wage.

One of our commitments at Stella’s Stars is to provide teachers with a living wage and then some, if possible. With US dollars going such a long way in Kenya we believe that is a realistic goal – especially with recurring donations.

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