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These are the 9-13 year olds at Star of Hope Centre.
Your donation means they can go to High School.
A recurring donation helps the next class too.  
The Mission of Stella’s Stars is to build opportunities for expanded education and a promise for future growth for the Chebukuyi community.
Origin story

Stella who?  Learn how Stella's Stars got started, and why we chose the name. 

Status of the build

It's happening!  We'll post photos and videos of the High School build as they progress.

Our board

Our all-volunteer board is thrilled to help these kids go to High School near home.


Leonard shares the impact of the new school and why it will be such a significant help.


Stella's father provided a significant gift and contributed to the progress we have achieved to date. 

With his generosity, Stella's memory is honored and our students in Kenya can attend High School. 
The sponsors on this page have become our partners in our mission and we invite you to join. 

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